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Winter Wedding Ideas

January - 30 - 2013

Since the winter season is the season of giving and receiving and since no one can take their mind away from Christmas, this will place a great deal of pressure on you if you decide to have a winter wedding. It is all right to implement some seasonal decorations but try not to go all out with them since it is a winter wedding that you’re trying to organize and not just a Christmas party.

For a great winter wedding we recommend you to make the event take place in a warm and cozy environment, full of light, to make up for the lack of light, cold and generally melancholic atmosphere from outside. Candles not only make a nice atmosphere but also worm the place giving an intimacy and comfortable sense to your winter wedding.

Try to illuminate the place as best as you can, add some sparkle to the place with all kind of decorations. If you can get a place with a fireplace and some sofas in the receptions your guests will be thrilled.

For flower arrangements you should use a variety of lowers mixed up with pine tree branches. Winter wedding flowers can be very different from summer ones, and you can use various tricks and combinations in order to avoid spending money on actual fresh flowers. For example, you can even have a paper flower bouquet, and someone can create it for you by using winter flowers and snowflakes as inspiration. As for the fabrics on the chairs you should go with velvet and try to use worming colors like brown red or lilac or brown, this will be great since the sparkle of the grey – white decorations will be complemented this way.

The wedding invitation can be placed in velvet satchels to give a sense of warmth to your guests. The winter wedding invitations can include some season features like a sketch of a green branch. Once your guests have arrived you can replace the seat tags that have your guests names with tea bags placed on the plates that are modified by having the name of the designed person on the handle tag.

The menu of a winter wedding should be well seasoned and consistent. We recommend spicy foods for such an event. Try to serve as many warm dishes as possible. End the night with a cup of hot chocolate or Irish coffee.

The ideal wedding cake of a winter wedding is a chocolate cake glazed in white chocolate and cream with a wild berries filling.

As for the flavors of a winter wedding we recommend you use either a wrapped box of chocolate truffles with your initials on the ribbon, or a small bottle of champagne with a tag on which your names can be accompanied by a Happy new year if that even is still to come.

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