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When you are invited to participate at a wedding reception, one of the first things you think about is what to wear. This is rather a difficult decision to make. You cannot show up too fancy or not fancy enough. Below you can find some useful tips about how to make the right choice when attending a wedding reception.

  • Invitation is a clue. If the invitation features indications such a formal dress or black tie, you should start preparing your formal, elegant look. Men should choose a tuxedo or suit and tie, while women should opt for a full-length dress or ball gown.
  • Venue also gives you a hint. If there is on open air wedding reception, go for a more casual outfit. If the reception is held in a formal ballroom, you should also choose formal clothes.
  • Do not dress too casual. The only exception is when the invitation specifically says you should attend the wedding in jeans and t-shirts. The limit when it comes to casual style at a wedding is set by business casual dresses or polo shirts.
  • Do not choose too loud colors and too wild patterns. They can attract the attention in a negative sense.
  • Consider the weather. Your clothes should correspond to the season – you don`t want to wear a summer dress during a cold winter day. It is recommended to check the weather report for the day of the reception so you will know if you need an umbrella or an extra coat.
  • Do a little research about what others will wear. You won`t fail as long as your style matches the other guests` style.
  • When you have no other choice, ask the bride or groom what you should wear for their wedding reception.

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