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Wedding trends for 2012

August - 22 - 2012

There is no other way to share this with you but to give you a few examples of what the wedding trends for 2012 are. So let me start by letting you know that the wedding trends for 2012 are simplicity, ingenuity, refinement, and objectivity.

Some people decide to adopt a vintage style as wedding trend for 2012. What I mean by that is that they let their emotions engulf them and they let them bring them back to the days of their childhood, they make use of old objects like dolls, a rusty truck and other such objects. Most of these objects are carefully bringing your thoughts back to the day that you were children and you firs fall in love.

A great way of making use of such objects and places is to incorporate them in photos. If you didn’t knew the newest wedding trends for 2012 are about the photos that are taken in poses that depict the groom and the bride as two lovers that are in the middle of a secret date. The task of taking such a photo is not easy since only a great photographer can take a photo that can tell a little story. The wedding trends for 2012 require a photographer that makes a work of art and not one that is just simply taking pictures.

You all know that a wedding without a film is like not a wedding so you all hire someone to capture the entire event on tape. Now you might think again since the wedding trends for 2012 clearly changed that. There are no more long, boring tapes, full of insignificant thinks that happened during the event. The trend is to have a small, high quality movie bade with and preferably by the newlyweds featuring them before the day of their wedding. The movie will have to be registered in a vintage style not on some fancy HD camera but on film.

Symmetry is out of fashion as the wedding trends for 2012 show us, the trend is to have an asymmetrical neckline wedding dress for a bride. If you are dark-haired, these are some great brunette hair color ideas that are easy to make and only require highlights: honey brown, chestnut brown and mahogany. You can also ask your stylist for advice. Consider these brunette hair color ideas because the dark hair and white dress combination works only for women with olive skin and can wash away your features. You can also try a light ivory dress which looks more romantic and soft in photographs. Grooms are not forgotten either when talking about the wedding trends for 2012. They have to have a cool look. Caps, hats, suspensors, bowties, snickers and colorful sox are all part of their cool look.

Another intriguing wedding trend for 2012 is the one that against the tradition or superstition that the groom and the bride should not meet each other before the wedding, that they actually do meet and that they also have to do it in such a manner that they surprise one another. That moment is an ideal moment to have your photographer with you in the room.

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