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As every new couple the thought of a wedding doesn’t just brings to your mind the fact that your life will change for the better. There are a few thinks that you will think about no matter if you will do it consciously or unconsciously. The so called Wedding traditions and superstitions you might like them or you might hate them the truth s that no matter if you like them or not, if you approve or disapprove them they exist. You can choose to follow some wedding traditions and superstitions or not, make no mistake when thinking that you will never think about them.

There will be times in your life when you will wander if it was a good idea to marry a man which has his last name starting with the same letter as your s. Another good wedding tradition and superstition which is very popular is the one stating that a groom should not see the bride before the wedding. Personally I consider them just wedding traditions and superstitions but it doesn’t mean I didn’t respected a few of them when my time came.

I clearly remember that I cried on my wedding day and my mother and my best friend which was also my bridesmaid told me that it is a good sign, that that will be the last time I will cry, that those were the last tears that I will shed during my entire marriage, well that was not entirely true but oh well…
As I was saying I made sure that the flower girl announced me with flowers as the wedding traditions and superstitions say to symbolize the fertility.

I also made it clear to my mom that I won’t ware pearls at my wedding, which is a wedding tradition and superstition that I believed in. The thing is that it is said that it brings bad luck to wear pearls on your wedding day, each pearl means a tear of sadness.

There are numerous wedding traditions and superstitions that are just weird like the fact that a bride should not see an open grave on her wedding day or the fact that if you ware a borrowed wedding dress you will have a marriage full of good luck while the person that borrowed you the dress will be doomed and have bad luck from then on.

I found the most funny wedding traditions and superstitions to be the ones referring to the spirits. Did you knew that the veil is said to be protecting the bride against bad spirits. Or about the fact that the bridesmaids role is to confuse the evil spirits so that they can’t interfere with the bride.

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