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Wedding messages ideas

January - 20 - 2012

Here is the truth no one actually knows what to write on the wedding book or on the wedding favors so they end up with just writing or saying a simple thank you!  And here is where we come into place we tot so much on the fact that people don’t know what to say to better express what they feel and we decided to lend all of them a helping hand by placing some ideas of wedding messages, up here.

Let’s start with a few wedding messages that are addressed from the guests to the groom and bride:

  • Congratulations on your marriage! Is a classical and it still is the first think that comes to our minds when we go to a wedding.
  • Another well known wedding message that guests use goes something like this: I wish you a Home of stone! Subtly making reference to diamonds and their everlasting durability.
  • We wish you all the best and may god bless you with loads of children!
  • Blessed be your family as this day when your destinies merged!
  • Let’s all gather and celebrate this day when our friends love is celebrated!
  • We are blessed to be here with you on this very special occasion!
  • Not only that we will remember this day years from now but I’m sure we will gather soon enough to celebrate the fruit of your love as well!
  • Your relationship makes me believe in true friendship and in true love!
  • It’s always a pleasure to witness truelove but when it’s yours it’s even better!
  • Best wishes and a thousand years of joy and happiness!
  • May your love for each other be as strong as it is now even in a hundred years from now!

Here are some wedding messages that can be used with ease to fill in the text on the wedding favors:

  • Thank you for your presence on this special day of our life.
  • Here is something sweet to remember you that love is even sweeter.
  • Love is the most beautiful think there is in the entire universe!

And a few lines that you could use as thank you wedding messages.

  • We are glad that you were with us all along and we appreciate your presence in our moment of need.
  • You were the witness of the miracle that happened between us and we were blessed to have you with us, Thank you!
  • Being as the gardener is for a seed it came natural to repay you by inviting you to the blooming of our relationship.

You can use all of these standard messages, but you can also write something from the heart, something that relates to your friendship with the couple, or has something to do with their love. A great idea is also to write relationship quotes from but avoid inappropriate ones, such as long distance quotes, because they are just off-putting. You can write long distance relationship quotes if one of the spouses has the kind of job that requires long delegations or missions, and the newlyweds have to cope with being apart for long periods at the time. All in all, we are sure you will be able to find the right words, whether you borrow them, or think of them yourself.

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