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Wedding cake: ideas and trends

April - 14 - 2014

No wedding is complete without a wedding cake and the trend is not only to have the best tasting one but also to have one with a specific design.

There are two kind of people at the wedding those that come in just for the cake and those that don’t know how to leave just before the wedding cake. Your goal is to have as many people as possible to enjoy the wedding and if your wedding cake is not living to its expectations then not many will bother to stay till the end.

The piece of resistance of any wedding lays in the serving of the wedding cake so it has to be something special. You can see to it yourself if you are crafty enough with baking but we recommend you to leave it to professionals. It is not something that you would like to do the day before our wedding. Baking a wedding cake is a stressful and time consuming task that should not be left to faith. You will have to plan it just as you did with everything else.

The most important think when you’re ordering your wedding cake is to take into account some details like for instance if you really like coconut filling and if say your mother-in-law is allergic to coconut you might not want to get to her bad side if you want to have a nice life after the wedding. Also peanut and strawberries cream are thinks you should stay away from since these tree types of foods have the highest risk of ruining your wedding cake, it is not that they are not good or that we have something against them it is just the simple fact that there are many people that are allergic to those types of food and you just shouldn’t risk it. You should just stick to chocolate, vanilla and other types of fruits.

As for the shape and general design, the sky is the limit, just try not to pick a themed wedding cake that will upset someone. Usually floral themed wedding cakes are a great approach. If you however feel that a floral wedding cake is to dull for your wedding you can try and order something more intriguing like say you’re having a wedding in a museum you could try and order a wedding cake with a museum theme where it could have incorporated in its design real eatable works of art.

No matter what you chose, chose with your heart and don’t settle for anything you get just make your order in time and make sure you can return the wedding cake and have it made by someone else in time.

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