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Vintage Styles of Wedding Veils

January - 25 - 2012

Vintage Wedding Veils are known as they are and that’s mainly because the myth that made them like that. It was believed in the past that it is bad luck to see your wife before the wedding ceremony, so in order to prevent this they used wedding veils made out of lace that covered a braids entire face. This myth remains just a superstition today but the wedding veils tradition remained ell imbedded in the wedding custom.

Wedding veils are worn at weddings in different ways but all have something in common, they have to be fixed to the hair somehow in order to give the appearance of a bride appearing trough a water cascade. So I will enumerate the vintage styles of wedding veils that I know.

In the late 20’s the latest shout in the wedding fashion was a wedding veil hanging of the sides of a gemmed tiara that was carefully place on the top of a brides head. Laced veil was used to cover a bride’s face. This tiara was also used by the bride at the brides party.

The wedding veils were also hanged by a hair pin that was passed trough a ring of metal. The veil was raped around the ring and pin in such a manner that half of the veil will hand over the face of the bride and the other will hang over her back.

The Pillbox wedding veil took a great start in the wedding fashion in the 60’s when Kennedy’s Wife promoted this interesting, now vintage style that combined a netted lace veil with a small hat. The pillbox veil was worn by the braid maids as well but in their own dress color.

Around 1970 the lifted hat vintage style of wedding veils was born and it featured long tulle veils which hanged not only in front and in the back but also on the sides. This wedding veil style is still favored by brides even today.

In the late 70’s the newest trend was to ware your lace wedding veil in the Greeks style which was to tag it on the tiara made out of flowers. The most used flowers were the white and blue ones. This kind of wedding veil is still quite popular today and it was and still is worn even without a veil.

It is your choice if you decide to ware a wedding veil or not we just felt like you need to know what your options are and we wish you all the best with your wedding!

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