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Top Bridal Shoe Trends for 2012

September - 3 - 2012

What has to be the most comfortable piece of clothing for a bride on her wedding day? Most of you out there would say the wedding dress but that is nothing compared to the importance of the bridal shoes. Just imagine yourself having to walk and dance all day on your wedding day in an uncomfortable pair of bridal shoes, now that would be an unforgettable moment indeed and not in the good sense. However, if is important for the wedding shoes to be both comfortable and stylish. Therefore, in order to make an informed decision about the latest shoe trends, you need to research more than one fashion beauty blog.

So I hope you got it clear now that having a pair of designer bridal shoes is not everything you want from a pair of shoes. To be honest the trend in the bridal shoes industry is changing for these year, most brides are now looking for a pair of bridal shoes that they can ware not only on their big day but also on some other occasions, and that makes sense if you ask me; why would you have a pair of shoes that you would only ware once in your life.

Let’s see what we have to choose from:
There are the nontraditional bridal shoes that are coming into the spotlight since they offer the bride the opportunity to use them for more than one occasion mostly because they present us with a large variety of colors.

There are the broach bridal shoes that offer great variety in broaches and other jewelry accessories that are carefully integrated in their design. These bridal shoes are so great since due to their highly intriguing looks they can be used with a great variety of wedding dresses and other wedding accessories.

Although not the most comfortable of them, the platform bridal shoes give us the opportunity to express a new level of commitment, by literally bringing us at a whole new level. Combined with the right fabric and textures the platform bridal shoes are not to be dismissed when we’re considering a pair of bridal shoes.

The bling – bling bridal shoes are the ones that bring a great deal of attention to your feet especially since they are often realized with Swarovski crystals and they feature handmade embroidery.  In theses category we can also find shiny bridal shoes that have metal integrated in their design like silver or gold; this is not always metal but also the color of precious metal. For example, silver shoes are very popular for brides this year, and this metallic color is very suitable for the classic white gown. Silver is noble and suits women of all types and ages, not to mention it will match your jewelry as well.

Last but not least we are presented with the bold touch bridal shoes which amaze us with a funky yet still semi – traditional look. These type of bridal shoes integrate jewelry that is shaped as cartoonist figurines and they also often incorporate animal prints.

These are the major shoe trends of 2012. Although we had to research more than one fashion beauty blog in order to make this top, we think that we eventually managed to capture the essence of this year’s shoe trends. Furthermore, we hope that this article will help you find the perfect pair of shoes which are both stylish and comfortable.

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