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So… what could be more beautiful than a vacation for two in a dream place on a beach paradise, a charming hotel, surrounded by candles, with walks in the moonlight, champagne and caviar? I have prepared a top 10 most luxurious and wonderful exotic honeymoon destinations that a newly wed couple can have! I will try to explain as best as I can why did I choose them.

10. Mauritius Islands

It was not for nothing that Mark Twain said that the Mauritius Islands were created first and then the heaven was copied after it. Its volcanic island, with straits waterfalls, beaches with white sands, palm trees woods and coral reefs make a great exotic honeymoon destination. The perfect solution: a week to remember in Port Louis, where you can find a delicious local cuisine with tropical fruits and vegetables, plus the chance to learn “sega” an indigenous dance.

9. Montego Bay

December and April are the best times for a trip to this exotic honeymoon destination. The weather is perfect, calm and the water temperature is ideal. Ideally would be to take your newly husband and stroll on the sandy beaches, dive to admire the marine life at Cornwall Beach or dine at a Jamaican restaurant where the menu varies with each season.

8. Cayman Islands

With its very generous tropical climate, it maintains the temperature at 23 degrees Celsius in winter and it can reach up to 29-30 degrees during the summer, a paradise for you and your groom. The activity that you can do to pass time easier is to read a book, but you won’t want to do that here. A dream week in Grand Cayman island surrounded by coral reefs, caves and estuaries, an opportunity for diving and aquatic adventures is not something you want to waste by reading a book. Only in the Grand Cayman Islands you can find some rare copies of Blue Iguana.

7. Hawaii

Since it represents the dream of any freshly wedded couple some would call it a great exotic honeymoon destination. As the mountains come directly from the ocean, hundreds of waterfalls refresh rainforests while lava oozes from jagged rocks directly in the Pacific. The island of Kauai offers an outdoor scene with lush vegetation, impressive waterfalls, canyons and tropical flora, which earned it the reputation of “Garden Island “. And let’s not forget that if you’re looking for an exotic honeymoon destination you can watch the most beautiful sunset on Waikiki beach. Aloha!

6. Virgin Islands

Whit its wonderful landscapes and simple style of life emanates sublime peace. For natives, Kuna Indians are famous worldwide for “Molas”, the decorative art for their hospitality and smile. The perfect exotic honeymoon destination is the islands of San Blas, the strip of land, sometimes the size of a football field, covered with palm trees and white sand beaches.

5. Bali

Because it’s also called “morning world”, “Island of 1000 Temples”, “Island of the gods” it is a great destination for its white sand beaches, caves and sacred mountains. Excursions around the island, water sports, diving and dancing late into the night! Tropical, playful torrents, walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, cruises, and romantic dinners by candlelight are all waiting to celebrate love!

4. Maldives

Among the 1,200 islands of pristine sand is a stretch of turquoise water, where you and your hubby will find the most beautiful underwater scenery in the world. The perfect exotic honeymoon destination will be a week on the Island Cocoa (350 m long), which possesses the most beautiful beach in the Maldives.

3. Bahamas

Bahamas is the cream of the cream in terms unlimited luxury, romance and relaxation. Whether you want a top hotel room intimacy or the isolation of a deserted beach, the trip of your life is waiting for you. Nassau, one of the most attractive ports of the archipelago and the old center where old colonial architecture will delight you and your groom!

2. Seychelles Islands

They are the quintessential tropical paradise. It is about the famous trio: sand, coconut trees and coral gardens, absolute fantasy. The Silhouette Island is classified as a Sea National Park with a mountain top of ​​740 m, where you can admire the archipelago, rain forest. Get your husband and stroll through the botanical gardens for over a century old in Mahe or get you to see Aldabra, a coral island with more than 150,000 giant tortoises.

1. Bora Bora

It is the most beautiful island in the world and has a magic that can not be explained! With its beautiful lagoons and coral reefs it represents the perfect exotic honeymoon destination. You can practice “shark feeding”, the hungry sharks swimming through coming to receive their portion over decapitated. Take a boat ride “Pacific Spirit” along the coral wall at a depth of 35 meters. And because you’re newly husband loves you so much, you won’t miss a visit to the pearl farm, where you can purchase your own pearl or pearl necklace!

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