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Regardless if you are a close friend of the bride or just an acquaintance, it might be difficult to figure out what to write in the bridal shower card. Inspiration is very important, so you should start searching for it.
Below you can find some useful tips about how to find the right bridal shower saying.

Tip 1 – Determine Sentiment and Tone
The first thing you have to think about is the sentiment for your card. Taking in account the relationship between you and the bride, you could opt for being funny, sentimental or impersonal. Once you have decided the tone, the potential wording is significantly narrowed and it will be easier for you to write the card. Still, feel free to combine the three tones.

Tip 2 – Search for Common Sayings
Some popular sayings are: “Best wishes on your bridal shower”, “Congratulations on your upcoming marriage”, “Best wishes to a beautiful bride”, or “May love and happiness fill your new life together”.
An Internet search with “bridal shower card wording” as keyword will surely help you, as you will find many versions. If you want something original, get inspired from these sayings and create your own personalized version.

Tip 3 – Mix Saying Together
After reading some common bridal shower card sayings, you can express your feelings better and you can realize easier what you want to include in your card. There is a large variety of sayings, ranging from funny and cheerful to profound and reflective. Ignore those who are not suitable for your chosen tone and after you have a good idea, select the lines you want to use. Before writing your greetings on the bridal shower card, you should practice on a sheet of paper so you won`t do any mistakes.

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