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Spring Wedding Ideas

January - 30 - 2013

If you are romantic by nature then you chosen to have a spring wedding since it offers a great variety of opportunities for expressing yourself in a way that other seasons doesn’t allow you to.

With a spring wedding you could opt for having an outdoor ceremony where you could use spring flowers that represent a new start, a new cycle of life. This is exactly what a spring wedding is all about, giving a new meaning to your lives. The first thing you need is a wedding checklist. Look for as many inspirational ideas as possible and write down the most interesting ones. Once you decide on all the details make a checklist that you can use in the organizing and planning process. This way you will be sure that you will not forget any of the charming details that will turn your wedding into the event of the year.

The wedding invitations for a spring wedding are always the most beautiful ones since they can be more creative as they can implement the new beginning theme into their design and give it a whole new meaning. Floral print will be of the essence on these type of spring wedding invitations.

Selecting a photographer for a spring wedding photo shooting should take into account the fact that you will have a bunch of photos taken outdoors. The light will play a worming and refreshing role in your photos so make sure you hire an experienced photograph.

The menu of a spring wedding shouldn’t be too heavy; it should somehow be both rich in diversity and refreshing in nature. The chefs should challenge themselves in coming up with a colorful menu that should include plates of fresh strawberries mixed with other spring fruits. Fish should be one of the courses of choice for a spring wedding. The best shrimp should be served at your wedding and it should all be done simultaneously to all your guests; so having a great number of waiters.

The wedding cake should be in tone with the spring wedding, thus it should present itself as a fruit cake preferably one with caramelized berries, and otherwise a nicely colored cream topping shouldn’t be missing. No matter which fruits you use for your spring wedding cake you won’t go wrong as long as it is presented with great refinement and they are incorporated in an intriguing yet tasteful design.

The key of any spring wedding is having as much color in the decoration design as possible, just think of Easter and let your imagination roam freely.  For spring wedding favors a great ouch would be to give your guests a lovely pot with an attached spring flower seeds and a set of instructions on how to care for them. You shouldn’t forget to attach the note that should thank them for contributing to the growth of the love you and your husband developed. ope that you will find these ideas inspiring and that they will help you with your wedding checklist. Planing the perfect wedding can be quite challenging but it can also be extremely fun. After all what can be more exciting than planning the greatest party of your life.

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