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Planning a bridal shower

August - 22 - 2012

I think at least once you took part into planning a bridal shower and as a result you already know what this refers to. We are going to clarify it a little bit for those of you that still have not heard of it.

Planning a bridal shower is one of the responsibilities of the bridesmaid and involves steps like paying, setting up and eventually attending the shower. The bridesmaids could gather and discuss about the type of shower the bride may want and the four questions that need urgent answer: who, when, how much and where! Once you have solved this issues, feel free to organize the perfect party!

Finding answers for those very important four questions is a time-consuming task. For the very beginning, you have to choose the day you want to organize the shower and it depends a lot on the schedule of the bride. We cannot offer you some clear instructions, because it depends on every bride’s personality.

Maybe there are women to prefer to have this party long before the wedding, so that they have enough time to buy the perfect outfit, plan everything and still take care of the wedding preparations. On the other hand, there may be women who are spontaneous and prefer having the bridal shower right before the wedding, because they may find it funny to escape from the stress of the last days. However, every bridal showers lasts between 1 and 3 p.m.

As far as the second question is concerned, you have to make a list with all the people who may come, starting with close friends, relatives, people who already thought of a bridal shower for the same bride. However, if there have been organized more bridal showers, avoid inviting the same people, because it involves a lot of money. Every guest must come with a gift and once you have invited them, they can hardly refuse.

The place you are planning a bridal shower is also important. If there is only one bridal shower, choose the hometown. It would be the best place. If the shower is only with friends of the bride and no elder relatives, you can as well go to the place you have finished college.

The cost that planning a bridal shower involves is also important. In general, the maid of honor and the bridesmaid should contribute equally. Have fun on planning a bridal shower and let your imagination rule the party!

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