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After two years me and my fiancé finally decide we should take the next step and get married. During the course of the years we went together or even before we met to different weddings, so we had an idea on what kind of wedding we wanted. Nothing to big, something with just relatives and a few friends, we wanted something small and unique rather then something big and standardized.

The decision of getting married was one that came as a follow-up to the move that we did a few weeks ago when we got ourselves a house, and of course there is also the fact that we want to have a new member in our family. One evening we decided to choose an invitation design for our wedding. We started to look trough the invitations we got from the different weddings to which we attended during our lives. We quickly noticed that some wedding invitations were really out of fashion while others although old they were still refined in a way that they were still new.

We also found the same type of invitation that we received from two or even three different persons, fact that brought us the most disturbing feeling, the one that we will just be another couple that had a wedding, and not a couple that gave you that feeling of unique that you were looking for in a wedding. We decided to change the way people think about our wedding by making sure we have a uniquely personalized wedding invitation. We looked around town to different copy shops that also made wedding invitations in hope that we will find what w are looking for but all was in vane…


But one day while I was searching the internet for personalized accessories for the wedding I stumbled upon this website where they had the most exquisite accessories and wedding invitations that I’ve ever seen, and that was not all, they could be personalized as well so I decided to order a sample from wedding invitations uk which quickly arrived and when my sweetheart saw what I found she decided to commit and to place an order to them. And that’s how we got the perfect wedding invitations for our unique event which took place in an outdoor location that totally made the connection between the invitations and the location of the wedding. I hope you’ll be just as inspired as we were when searching for wedding invitations and we wish you all the best!

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