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Not everyone knows exactly what the maid of honor duties consist of. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that a maid of honor is chosen for her specific qualities. You have to be full of energy, obedient to the bride and also able to keep her optimistic and in a very […]

Bridal shower games are nothing more than opportunities for her friends to surround her with love and warn thoughts. The legend says that around the year 1500, two lovers were poor and the only treasure they has was their love. In order to support them in their new life as a couple, their friends and […]

Nobody was born knowing how to make wedding flower bouquets, but everybody learned how to. It takes patience and time, but the final products are simply amazing and help you save up money. How many times didn’t you ask yourself how is it possible that someone can be so good at arranging flowers and combining […]

I think at least once you took part into planning a bridal shower and as a result you already know what this refers to. We are going to clarify it a little bit for those of you that still have not heard of it. Planning a bridal shower is one of the responsibilities of the […]

There is no other way to share this with you but to give you a few examples of what the wedding trends for 2012 are. So let me start by letting you know that the wedding trends for 2012 are simplicity, ingenuity, refinement, and objectivity. Some people decide to adopt a vintage style as wedding […]

There are many thinks you have to take into account when you are picking your wedding dress, and since not all the wedding dresses are made to fit every body style then you will be facing a tough decision. Should you go for the designer wedding dresses or shall you go for the wedding dress […]

The people who are looking for destinations for their honeymoon must take into account several elements when choosing the right place. There are special offers and luxurious places that the newly-weds can take advantage of and it would be a pity not to enjoy them. For example, one of the most appreciated honeymoon resorts is […]

You want your wedding to be both glamorous and cheap, both classy and modern, but you have no time to plan it in its deepest details. A free wedding planner is now available online and you only need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. In case you do not have this soft installed […]

Fashion changes and comes back in years, not only for dresses and hair-styles, but also for flowers, colors and arrangements. In case you already heard of Wild Orchid Flowers or Leighton Buzzard, they are among the professionals that can support you and help you find the best wedding flower ideas for your own wedding. Their […]

As we all know, a wedding represents a special moment in everyone’s life. Mainly if we refer to people who love each other very much and want to show the others they appreciate this important time in their life as a couple. If you are planning to look for some wedding packages in Las Vegas, […]

One of the most important aspects of the bride look is the Bridal hairstyle. The best way to express your personality is a perfect bridal hairstyle. It is not a discovery when someone says that the bride has to be the soul of any wedding so in order to be one her aspect is important. […]

Vintage Wedding Veils are known as they are and that’s mainly because the myth that made them like that. It was believed in the past that it is bad luck to see your wife before the wedding ceremony, so in order to prevent this they used wedding veils made out of lace that covered a […]

There are so many things you have to take care of when trying to do your own wedding planning even when you do it in the place you’re in now. So wedding planning from afar means a whole new level of stress for you. However you can’t just chicken out and call the whole think […]

Here is the truth no one actually knows what to write on the wedding book or on the wedding favors so they end up with just writing or saying a simple thank you!  And here is where we come into place we tot so much on the fact that people don’t know what to say […]

When you are invited to participate at a wedding reception, one of the first things you think about is what to wear. This is rather a difficult decision to make. You cannot show up too fancy or not fancy enough. Below you can find some useful tips about how to make the right choice when […]

After two years me and my fiancé finally decide we should take the next step and get married. During the course of the years we went together or even before we met to different weddings, so we had an idea on what kind of wedding we wanted. Nothing to big, something with just relatives and […]

With all its wonderful colors and images, fall is a great season to plan your wedding. The genuine beauty of this season offers a large variety of choices when it comes to fall wedding decoration styles.  The beautiful symphony of colors ranging from orange and red to yellow and gold is simply inspiring no matter […]

Forget about spending a lot of money on wedding décor. Fortunately, there are many cheap easy-to-make wedding decorations you can create by yourself. By being a little bit creative, you can decorate your wedding in festive and practical style, even if you are on a budget. Bridal Table Floral Arrangements One of the most practical […]

Regardless if you are a close friend of the bride or just an acquaintance, it might be difficult to figure out what to write in the bridal shower card. Inspiration is very important, so you should start searching for it. Below you can find some useful tips about how to find the right bridal shower […]

Wedding toasts

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Wedding toast is a major events at a wedding reception given by the best man to the bride and groom. However,all the wishes of happiness,health and good luck can be offered by any of the guests. In some cultures there are actually specific phrases that are offered at a toast. At the end of the […]