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Maid of honor duties

August - 28 - 2012

Not everyone knows exactly what the maid of honor duties consist of. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that a maid of honor is chosen for her specific qualities. You have to be full of energy, obedient to the bride and also able to keep her optimistic and in a very good mood. Your support, both physical and emotional, matters a lot for the bride and as a result you have to be attentive not to disappoint her!

As a maid of honor, you have to take care of the bridesmaid group. Make sure every dress is to the right person, the same must happen with their jewelry and make-up. If the bride wants a specific theme for the wedding you need to instruct the bridesmaids to adapt their makeup, haircuts and hairstyles to that specific theme. A bride’s demands can sometimes sound crazy so be prepared to be creative and find solutions for her weirdest demands. After all, your best friend would do the same for you if the roles were reversed. Get involved into the shopping activities, for dresses, not only for the bridesmaids, but also for the bride and your main responsibility, among many others, is to pay your own outfit with your own money. I know it sounds strange, but is there anything a maid of honor cannot do for her bride?

Apart from the wedding dress, the bride will also need your help with the prewedding responsibilities. Start your list with the guests and the invitations that they must receive, the right combination of colors for the wedding restaurant and crowd and the perfect wedding cake. Make sure everyone finds out about the wedding and knows how to arrive at the ceremony. Be prepared to handle all possible crises especially the ones concerning the bride’s look. You must support and help her through the whole getting ready process. Finding the best stylist and makeup artist is not enough. You should also review various haircuts, go to numerous dress fittings and endless shopping sessions. The wedding day is the most important day in a bride’s life and it is your job to help her achieve the perfect look.

The honeymoon is also important for the bride. She will need you to make the best suggestions for what to take and what not to take in her luggage. Be confident to the maid and let her know you always have a shoulder for her to cry on or to lean on. Offer your advice to her and be patient! She may be very stressed and it is possible that she repeats the same things over and over again, but you are there to listen to her, not to annoy her!

Another one of what we call maid of honor duties is to take part into all the parties before the wedding. A bridal shower could happen with your direct complicity and all the gifts the bride receives have to kept by someone. You are that person the bride needs!

Talk to the other bridesmaids about the bachelorette part and help them arrive at the rehearsal. You do not want to be blamed for not having respected your maid of honor duties, do you? I know you will do your best!

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