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With all its wonderful colors and images, fall is a great season to plan your wedding. The genuine beauty of this season offers a large variety of choices when it comes to fall wedding decoration styles.  The beautiful symphony of colors ranging from orange and red to yellow and gold is simply inspiring no matter if you want a formal wedding or a casual one.

  • Formal Fall Wedding Style

If you decide to have a formal fall wedding, all you have to do is use various fall accents. First, choose fall colors for the formal outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some of the choices for women can be browns, rusts, or oranges, while the men can wear black tuxedos with fall-colored vests.
When it is about decoration, you can opt for textured table linens such as quilted silks or lush fall-colored velvet. A formal fall wedding reception will leave a great impression if the venues for the ceremony and reception have a lot of candles – this detail is not only romantic, but also formal and in the warm fall mood.

  • Modern Fall Wedding Style

The fall theme can be beautifully incorporated into a modern wedding, so feel free to use fall colors in the bridal party. An interesting idea is to add silk fall leaves in bridesmaids` bouquets, as well as to the groomsmen`s boutonnieres.
Another idea for modern fall wedding decoration is using crisp white linens and tall cylinder vases for the tables. You get an impressive effect if you fill the vases with orange calla lilies and surround the vases with brown river rocks. You can also elegantly sprinkle some fall leaves on the tables, while another brilliant idea is to decorate walls and tables with grapevine wreaths and fall-colored ribbons.

  • Vintage Fall Wedding Style

If you want a vintage fall wedding, you can combine and use fall colors and accents in a wonder manner. For example, wedding pictures will be very special if the bride wears a vintage fur stole to keep her warm. Antique stores can be the right place for finding vintage glasses or other items you can use as original vintage decorations. You can get a cute vintage fall look if you group amber-colored glasses. A vintage car is a must for a vintage wedding, so you can decorate it with silk flowers in fall colors and a grapevine wreath.

  • Other Fall Wedding Styles

A fall wedding décor can feature many unconventional decorations. Create original bride and groom by shaping jack-o’-lanterns and put a veil on one and a black top hat on the other. You can also use carved pumpkins to decorate outside the venue or the tables. Another idea is to go for some eccentric fall-inspired decorations such as bales of hay or a fall scarecrow.

Still, the main idea is to use fall colors. So search for fall inspiration and get creative!

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