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Forget about spending a lot of money on wedding décor. Fortunately, there are many cheap easy-to-make wedding decorations you can create by yourself. By being a little bit creative, you can decorate your wedding in festive and practical style, even if you are on a budget.

Bridal Table Floral Arrangements
One of the most practical solutions is to use bridal bouquets as table florals. You can make simple hand-help bouquets and buy some sturdy vases to put on the bridal table so they can hold the bouquets. The bouquets will successfully complete the table décor, so you should definitely not lose this opportunity. Moreover, you can opt for silk flowers bouquets which will make a permanent memory of your wedding day.

Decorated Trees
Another inexpensive idea is to decorate the wedding venue with small trees such as ficus trees. You can tie a wide satin ribbon to the tree trunk, but make sure the color compliments the other colors of the event. To add a light touch to the reception hall, you can use delicate miniature white lights, while for extra flair you can use flowers and tulle. If you opt for small trees, you can take them home after the party and decorate your own house or garden.

Reusable Centerpieces
The best thing you can do is to design and create centerpieces that you can use in your own home after the wedding. You can buy clear glass mixing bowls and arrange them on silver or gold charger plates. There are many ways to create inexpensive table decoration with the mixing bowls. For example, fill the bowls with water then float various flower tops and floating candles. Make sure your centerpieces follow the color theme if the wedding.

Ribbon-Wrapped Napkins
The table setting will definitely be more appealing if you use ribbon-wrapped napkins. The dinner plate decorations can be successfully made of fabric napkins and ribbons. Choose the napkins and ribbons in the wedding color theme. Roll or fan-fold the napkins and tie each of it with a ribbon bow in the middle. You can opt for satin or other decorative ribbon. After the wedding, recover all napkins, lauder and use them in your new home.

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