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Here are a few suggestions that we have to make in regard to wedding bouquets. We hope you will take into account what we have to say since choosing the ideal wedding bouquet for your big day is more important than you might realize. The wedding bouquet is not something that should retract from the look of the bride but something that should add to a brides look.

A great wedding bouquet will not be to large nor to small it shall however be more or less big or colorful depending of the wedding type or brides features. What we are trying to say here is that a great wedding bouquet should keep the proportions with the bride that’s wearing it and that it should feel natural with the overall look of the wedding design.

Let’s take for example the fluffy white wedding bouquet which is a great choice if our bride is a tall enough we can add to the wedding bouquet a bit more flowers, not to make her look as thin as it is. We can so add shape to the bride’s look while still keeping the attention to the bride and not necessarily to the wedding bouquet.

Depending on the wedding style we can have a colorful wedding bouquet that goes well with a colorful dress where we can use the wedding bouquet to make a contrast to the wedding dress.

We can have a romantic wedding bouquet for a romantic wedding style where the flowers that we will use will be mainly orchids since they have the power to bring that feeling that we crave for.

If the bride for whom we’re making the wedding bouquet is smaller in size we shouldn’t create a big wedding bouquet. That will be uncomfortable since she will have to carry it all day and it will prove tiring for the bride not to mention that she will look disproportionate with a big wedding bouquet. And that is exactly why we will take our time and chose a variety of smaller flowers and create a small wedding bouquet for her.

Don’t be afraid of combining different flowers the difference in texture and shape can prove to be a really great idea if you need to create different shapes and shades in the wedding bouquet for say a country style wedding bouquet which is more casual.

If your bride has a colored wedding dress you can successfully use a wedding bouquet that matches her dress, that way the wedding bouquet will match her personality better.

You should keep in mind that the wedding bouquet should only match the bride’s stile. However you could chose to create a wedding bouquet that can complement the wedding design but if you do so avoid using flowers of the same type as the ones that are used for the floral arrangements while still keeping the same shade of color.

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