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You’ve always dreamed of an elegant wedding and you never knew exactly what makes one be elegant? Were you just in loved with the idea of an elegant wedding or did you actually know what you are after?  Regardless of what you might think, the easiest season to create an elegant wedding design is the autumn one.

The refined textures and warm colors that autumn brings are exactly what we need to bring to life the elegant wedding that we desire. Colors like red, rusty brown or purple all arise in us that sparkle that we consider to be elegant.  Textures like the ones that mimic silk are all textures that we should aim for if we desire our wedding to be an elegant wedding.

For decorations we are half settled if we chose to have our elegant wedding during the autumn since we can use a variety of fruits with different colors and textures. We can combine nuts with apples, grapes and pears to make a nice mix of eatable color. As for flower arrangements we recommend the use of red roses. Considering that you chosen a grey color as the background color then the bouquets of red or orange roses will spring into life and they will immediately grab your attention.

Using candles and roses is a classic when it comes to romance and in this particular case romance means elegance as well. But organizing an elegant wedding is not all about the decorations. The location is just as important as the season. And with that being said we should talk about what is more elegant a wedding in a Venetian villa or a wedding in an English castle? Or maybe we should leave that to personal taste?

The wedding dress that we will use for an elegant wedding is different for the one that you would use for a traditional wedding.  The texture of an elegant wedding dress has to be clean and straight and it has to make you want to follow it everywhere it goes. It is like a dance that you are about to take, like a tango where the man shows the woman where to go, but in these case it’s a dress that shows you where to look. It should be complimented by your hairstyle; you should try various wedding hairstyles after you’ve chosen the dress, so you can find something suitable, but which is also resistant in time.

Using chocolate is another way to express an elegant wedding, you could serve your guests with all kind of chocolate, be it hot chocolate, truffles or chocolate martinis. Try to use a variety of shapes and wrappings so that the experience can be as thrilling as possible.

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