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You have to realize that in a marriage there aren’t many times where you can truly express your feelings towards your partner, so you should take advantage of the few times when you can. A perfect opportunity to let your feelings roam free and really touch your partner in a way that they rarely manage to is by carefully placing them in the wedding vows. We will try to give you a rough idea on how to write your own wedding vows.

  • Start with a few notes.

A great way to start your wedding vows is by starting with the traditional lines and to go along from there with your own words. Make sure you take notes on every idea that passes trough your head when you think about your loved one. You should include in your vows your feelings and you should try to be as romantic as possible when taking your notes. Writing a few words about how you met, about your relationship helps when trying to write your own wedding vows. Letting people know how you felt when you proposed is one way to approach the text from your wedding vows. Another great think you could talk about in your vows in a few words would be if true, to talk about the huge crash you had on your loved one and how you waited for weeks before you asked her out for the first time.

Making a list of promises that you want to keep to your loved one is another approach you could take when you’re deciding upon what you should write in your wedding vows. Always write with your hearth by using your own words. You can mention thinks like t fact that you cherish, respect, love, crave, for your loved one every day of your life for the rest of it, that you never wont to be apart from him again.

As a reminder you should keep in mind that once you decided to write your own vows a great way to not give up because of lack of ideas is to actually start typing, seeing your thoughts on paper will awaken memories and old feelings that you have or had towards your loved one, memories that will allow you to carrion writing your vows.

The typical starting phrases of vows are: “I, (your name), take you, (her name), to be my wedded wife.” Or the cliché “I wanted to tell you that I loved you on our first date but I was too shy. I promise you that I will never again wait to tell you how I feel.” You can change these phrases to keep their meaning and still be different and unique, but as a general rule in writing your vows you should know that the best way to do it is by keeping them simple and meaningful.

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