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First of all we have to know two thinks one is what is a wedding program and second we have to know who is going to make it.

Let’s start with who is going to set up a wedding program. This will be designed by the bride and his groom but it will be written and distributed usually by the bridesmaid. A great influence on it will have the parents of the young couple, and the person in charge of the wedding program will have a lot of thinks to keep into account when writing it down.

Now let’s see what this wedding program is all about. To be honest when you’re trying to describe it is really not that much of a big think after all is just a schedule and if you think that you will just have to write down what others tell you it looks more like children’s play. Unfortunately you can’t just type what others tell you to type since every single person has a different approach and a different wish in regard to the wedding program.

The person that should have the most authority in the development of the wedding program should be the bride, after all the wedding is all about her and the program should be made in such a manner to fulfill her needs.

The best approach to set up a wedding program is to start typing be it handwriting or typing on a pc. Keep in mind that you will have to eventually print it down on a classy peace of paper in the end so we suggest you start typing on a pc. Don’t get us wrong it is always good to take notes on peaces of paper whenever you get an idea or whenever someone demands something. Try not to go and ask the bride for her opinion on every single demand at different times; try to bother her as less as possible she has to be as relaxed as she can.

You will have to realize that the entire wedding will go wrong if you make a bad choice when you set up a wedding program. Timing is not everything, sometimes having uncle Joe that no one enjoys his company once he starts drinking at the same table with some work colleagues of the newly weds is most likely a worst idea then having him sit at the same table with his family.

The time and locations at which the wedding ceremony, the photo shooting session, the party and all the others details about which person sits where and which person eats what, as well as design elements like table cover colors, menu, fireworks spectacle, surprise invites like a band of singers, are all elements that the wedding program should contain.

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