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How to plan a vintage wedding

September - 3 - 2012

Are you a dreamer? Not really? But you do like the vintage stile, the smell of the old times when gentlemen and ladies existed well they still do and you can adopt that stile in the day to day life or you could just adopt the vintage wedding stile for your big day.

All you have to do is let your imagination free and transpose yourself to a specific era let’s say the 70’s now those were some times that you can happily remember at least the design part anyhow.

Here is how we would implement a few vintage items in a wedding. First we must choose a location for our vintage wedding. This should be a romantic place, yet stylish and elegant. A perfect place for a vintage wedding would be an old dinner or a disco. Or you could always decorate a place to look like one. Don’t forget to implement items such as a jukebox, a few disco lights, and if you can have an ambient light of say red or blue that would certainly give your vintage wedding a more authentic touch. Once you’ve got the location pinned down, planning a wedding will go much easier, because you’ll be adding elements one at a time until your vision is turned into reality.

If you have in mind to bring a troop to perform an act we would suggest to get a cabaret one to further enhance the vintage wedding experience. This is the moment where you chose if you want your vintage wedding to be completely themed or if it should have a modern touch as well.

If you decide to go for a vintage wedding you should carefully chose a photographer with experience with a film camera. The photographer should know what to implement in the composition of the pictures he will take you to further immerse you in a vintage wedding stile. Old cars, billboards and other items such as fur coats and such could come in handy for the photo shooting.

As you might expect a vintage wedding is nothing without a vintage wedding dress and a smoking tuxedo for the groom. You should carefully chose your dress to suit your desire while keeping it as simple as possible. A tight wedding dress with a small décolletage should do the job just fine if you pair it with a stylish hat.  The groom’s tuxedo should be made on command and he should also have a hat.

Don’t forget that the flower arrangements and the menu itself can give the vintage wedding the edge that it needs to become the wedding of your dream.

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