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How to make a wedding cake

August - 12 - 2013

It would be a pity to be unable to discover how to make a wedding cake, mainly if you need to save up some money for your wedding. You will be able to cook your own cake at home, using some specific elements and being supported by our professional help! For the beginning, you will need a well-built foundation.

Choose the layers of the cake that are the biggest ones and frost them in the middle of a special board for cakes. Pay attention to frost them on the bottom and on the margins as well. The support is also important. Before you add every tier, you will need to use cardboard. Make sure you have 4 sections with cardboard and tape the pieces attentively.

Take some foils and divide them into circles. These must be bigger that the cardboard and will help you cover once again the cardboard you already used in the previous step. You have to wrap it attentively, not only on the edges, but also on the main surface of the circle.

As far as the structure is concerned, the following tier needs to be patiently worked with. First of all, you have to put the cardboard you just covered up on the tier you have previously frosted. We suggest you to use a tool that could help you, like a ruler and start smoothing the surface.

After having finished these, there will come the time to create special supports for the level. You will need to press with a dowel in the middle of the tier and measure how high the cake is. Repeat the same process six or seven times and see what dimensions you have obtained. Afterwards, you will compare them and check whether there are flattened spaces.

How that you have created the layers of the cake, you need to fill them with cream and frost them afterwards. Work with every tier separately and be attentive to smooth the cake not only on the top, but also on the margins.

You will also need to make sure the tiers are stable and for this you will need to sharpen the dowel. You can use a knife and then push it into the center of the cake, throughout all the layers. The decorations are my favorite part when it comes to understanding how to make a wedding cake. You are free to add whatever you want and in the end you will be very proud of your creation.

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