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Gifts for baby showers

July - 10 - 2014

Have you ever wondered which the perfect gift is? Or what to give to a couple when they invited you at a housewarming party? And how about the baby shower ceremonies, what shall you bring then for the mother? On all of these occasions and many more additional ones, there is a high emphasis put on the giving and receiving of presents. Not to mention the fact that custom dictates the opening the presents to be done in front of everybody else, thus further exposing your good or bad choice of gifts. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have the proper present for the occasion so as not to embarrass yourself in front of everyone there and, especially, not to disappoint the person receiving your attention, regardless of how close or not you are with that particular mother, couple or celebrated individual. Let us develop on the example of a baby shower and the gifts which are given to the future mom on this occasion. You have to think outside the box and plan everything to the smallest detail, from ensuring that you give the most appropriate and thoughtful present to purchasing the most exquisite baby ribbons to wrap the whole box around. There is no room for error when dealing with a pregnant and easily irritable woman so make sure you have everything right!

As a general rule, the persons attending the baby shower are close ones of the family or mother to be, thus they should know or at least have a hint of what she likes and therefore what will be more suitable to give. There are numerous options to take into account and there are many things a future mom needs for her little one, but all of the possibilities which occur in your mind will most likely appear in the minds of others guests as well, increasing the odds of two or even more persons having the same present to give. This embarrassing and unfortunate situation is the reason why most people fear the opening of the presents and wish that their particular gift is unravelled first. But how can you do this? And which is a subtle and delicate way of suggesting to the future mother that your gift should be opened among the first ones there? Obviously not by telling her that directly! You can try making a small hint or wrapping the present in such a way that you simply cannot look at something else.


Ingeniously placed ribbons and bows as well as custom made baby ribbon are just some of the solutions which can help you in this conundrum. The best way to encourage the receiver of a present, regardless if it is a mother to be, family or child at an anniversary, is to wrap the gift box in such a way that it simply is the most attractive item in the room. Start by looking online and find one of the professional providers of baby ribbons and printed ribbon, order one that is most suitable and amaze the rest of the guests, as well as the person opening the gift. You can even buy some of the engraved and customised ribbon found on these dedicated websites to be sure you hit the mark!

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