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Regardless of what you might think, a wedding is not only about you and you shouldn’t take everything for granted. Your guests will surely appreciate it if they receive something in return for their attendance. A guest will never ask for something but you can certainly make them feel a lot better by giving them a small token of your appreciation in the form of a wedding favor.

You might wonder what makes a good wedding souvenir or you might be wondering why you should even give wedding souvenirs in the first place. Well, have you been to a wedding that was so great that you remember all they key aspects of it like the vows , the party, the cake and the wonderful dress but you just can’t remember where it took place or who’s wedding it was in the first place? That is exactly where the wedding souvenirs come into play. They are small presents that are handed out to each guest and they are personalized in such a way that you won’t have to worry that your guests will ever forget that they were present at your wedding.

Now that you know why they’re important, you just have to figure out what kind to get.

You shouldn’t invest a lot of money in your wedding souvenirs but instead you should put effort into their uniqueness. They should reflect your style and when they are looked at, they should awaken memories of the great time that the guests had at your wedding. For instance, if you’re going to have an outdoor, or beach themed wedding, you could come up with some beach themed party favors, such as shell-shaped cookies, mason jars with handles, hard candies made to look like pebbles, or colored paper fans (which might come in handy during the wedding as well).

Here are the most popular wedding souvenirs ideas that people use:

If you are having your wedding souvenirs personalized, you could have them placed on their seat or on their plate at the reception.

Make sure you wrap your wedding souvenirs to look like a present. Choose wrapping paper that matches the color scheme to your reception. Using a ribbon with yours and your significant other’s name or initials will help your guests remember for which wedding the favor is from.

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