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Fall Wedding Ideas

May - 6 - 2014

The richest season of them all is the fall season and having a fall wedding is a really inspired idea if you think about it as the time when you finally get to harvest the fruits of your love.

The decorations of a fall wedding should be all about texture, color and smell, engulfing you in an unforgettable experience. An important feature of a fall wedding lays in the careful use of what nature has to offer in this chromatically pastel of color and textures. You can use flower arrangements with straws of grain, and the whole theme of the fall wedding can revolve around the season itself. Having table arrangements with grapes is another great idea for such a wedding.

In terms of photography you can have a photo shoot season at a grapes harvesting estate which will look great in your wedding photo album.

The wedding invitations can reveal the richness and abundance that a fall wedding has to offer by having printed on it sketches of say a bride and a groom rising their glasses of wine. Try to use a rusty or cream-colored paper to keep the color matching the theme of your fall wedding.

The menu should include seasonal fruits for deserts and even something such as the famous pumpkin soup; roasted beef or lamb meat are also great ideas for a fall wedding menu. Just remember it’s all in the presentation, having your food served on fall themed plates will look good and better enhance the feeling of abundance that you’re trying to sell to your guests. As for drinks, try having a great variety of wine for your guests to choose from.

The wedding cake of a fall wedding should follow the overall theme of your fall wedding and could incorporate a grape leaf design and have a spongy syrupy base with hazelnuts or other nuts in it. Adding some chocolate pieces in there will add a new level of sweetness to your wedding cake.

The wedding favors of a fall wedding scan be little something’s that bring your memory back to the fall wedding that you attended. Having small boxes whit some cinnamon biscuits packed inside could make the perfect wedding favor for your fall wedding as long as you add a ribbon on top of them stamped with your monogram.

The colors that should inspire you for your fall wedding are colors and tones of colors like red, deep blue, golden yellow or chocolate brown.

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