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Bridal shower themes

August - 27 - 2012

Bridal shower games are nothing more than opportunities for her friends to surround her with love and warn thoughts. The legend says that around the year 1500, two lovers were poor and the only treasure they has was their love. In order to support them in their new life as a couple, their friends and relatives came up with gifts, money and everything they had. In the end, they were happy and lived a long time together.

With every bridal shower, your aim is to make the bride aware of the fact you love her and you support her in this important moment of her life. This is why this memory should remain in a special place in her heart for a long period of time.

First of all, you need to know that every bridal shower is supposed to fit with the personality of the bride. You will have to find significant pieces of information about her loves (starting with the sports she prefers, the views she adores). Think of a sunny environment or a cold one.

A beach theme or a spa theme are highly recommended for women who have special preferences. The coed shower is another funny idea. It means that the party is available both for the bride and for the broom. In the case of the bride, she will be surrounded by women and men as well. Couple’s Shower is another one of the bridal shower themes that is dedicated to the new couple. A BBQ themed will delight your taste and will bring a different flavor to the celebration.

The gifts you will come with to the party are also important. We suggest you to get inspired from the honeymoon in order to make sure your contribution will be highly appreciated by the couple. However, you can also offer a personalized gift, one that you make yourself, such as a scrapbook where the bride can keep thoughts, impressions and memorabilia from her wedding, honeymoon and first years of marriage. You can add a personal touch by writing some cute relationship quotes together with the rest of the bridesmaids; each of you can choose some cute relationship quotes that she likes, or that you know the future bride is keen on. She will surely be impressed and love the lengths you went through to make her feel special.

The details are the most significant in this type of celebration and as a result we suggest you to take care of the flavor you use, the people your invite and the way you decorate the whole space.

Among the bridal shower themes is also the “Tea Party”. Think of Alice-in-Wonderland and get inspired. The tea must be served with sandwiches or candies and the favors should be delighting!

Did you hear of “Room of the House”? If you have a bridal shower hold in a house with more rooms, suggest to every guest to decorate a room the way he or she likes and choose a suitable gift. Do not be afraid to use your imagination and impress the bride! Have fun!

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