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Bridal shower games

April - 3 - 2013

There are some bridal shower games that have been transmitted from generation to generation and have proved to be successful every time. They help you create a great atmosphere and a funny period of time for you and your friends, mainly for the bride.

There is no extra planning involved or over-whelming stress, but you have to take into account some particular points in order to have a great party. These bridal shower games will not only please the youngest participant to the party, but will also fit the taste of your grandfather if he comes to the party.

Get ready for adventure and some unforgettable moments! The first game we suggest you is called “Missing Ingredients”. It is a traditional game that is played with ten recipes. For every single recipe, remove one ingredient and photocopy recipes in this new form for all the guests. Once they got the recipe, they have to write down their name and guess the missing ingredient by writing it on the recipe. One of the maids has to take all the recipes and according to the correct of wrong answer the participant gave, they will win points. Who discovered the most correct ingredients wins and will be given a symbolic prize. One trick would be to use cocktail recipes. It will make the game even more funny.

Another funny bridal shower game is called “Two truths and a lie”. It is recommended to use this game as an ice breaker. Every member has to tell his name and say something that describes him (two real things and a false one). The other guests have to discover which is the false thing. After everyone sais its point of view, the so-called “liar” has to confess the truth. What is funny about this game is that it creates all sorts of stories in everyone’s minds and in the and the participants are having a lot of fun.

We also want you to know about “Fold Fever”. It is recommended to be played while the bride is looking at the presents. In this way, she will not be accused of ignorance and the guests will not get bored until she finishes. You need a piece of paper and a pen. Start writing one line that you think would describe the bride as she is or write something about the bride. Pass the task forward, to the next guest and hide the part you have written with a colored roller. After everyone wrote its line, the maid of honor has to uncover the lines and read loudly the whole “poem”. Our advice for you is to insist on the future marriage the bride will begin and make funny and respectful jokes about it.

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