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As every new couple the thought of a wedding doesn’t just brings to your mind the fact that your life will change for the better. There are a few thinks that you will think about no matter if you will do it consciously or unconsciously. The so called Wedding traditions and superstitions you might like […]

Everyone talks about how they managed to do everything perfect for their wedding day and here is how they managed it. Just follow these simple and important steps that we will give you in the form of 12 tips for the bride to look her best. In order to have the perfect wedding day you […]

Have you ever wondered which the perfect gift is? Or what to give to a couple when they invited you at a housewarming party? And how about the baby shower ceremonies, what shall you bring then for the mother? On all of these occasions and many more additional ones, there is a high emphasis put […]

Fulfill your dream. So… what could be more beautiful than a vacation for two in a dream place on a beach paradise, a charming hotel, surrounded by candles, with walks in the moonlight, champagne and caviar? I have prepared a top 10 most luxurious and wonderful exotic honeymoon destinations that a newly wed couple can […]

Here are a few suggestions that we have to make in regard to wedding bouquets. We hope you will take into account what we have to say since choosing the ideal wedding bouquet for your big day is more important than you might realize. The wedding bouquet is not something that should retract from the […]

The richest season of them all is the fall season and having a fall wedding is a really inspired idea if you think about it as the time when you finally get to harvest the fruits of your love. The decorations of a fall wedding should be all about texture, color and smell, engulfing you […]

First of all we have to know two thinks one is what is a wedding program and second we have to know who is going to make it. Let’s start with who is going to set up a wedding program. This will be designed by the bride and his groom but it will be written […]

No wedding is complete without a wedding cake and the trend is not only to have the best tasting one but also to have one with a specific design. There are two kind of people at the wedding those that come in just for the cake and those that don’t know how to leave just […]

You have to realize that in a marriage there aren’t many times where you can truly express your feelings towards your partner, so you should take advantage of the few times when you can. A perfect opportunity to let your feelings roam free and really touch your partner in a way that they rarely manage […]

Regardless of what you might think, a wedding is not only about you and you shouldn’t take everything for granted. Your guests will surely appreciate it if they receive something in return for their attendance. A guest will never ask for something but you can certainly make them feel a lot better by giving them […]

You’ve always dreamed of an elegant wedding and you never knew exactly what makes one be elegant? Were you just in loved with the idea of an elegant wedding or did you actually know what you are after?  Regardless of what you might think, the easiest season to create an elegant wedding design is the […]

Bridesmaids  are very important elements for a wedding. They help the bride with her dress and flowers, and are these to assist her in many other things. In return, the bride usually presents them with some special bridesmaid gifts. They too are in the center of attention, which is why their outfits and overall look […]

It would be a pity to be unable to discover how to make a wedding cake, mainly if you need to save up some money for your wedding. You will be able to cook your own cake at home, using some specific elements and being supported by our professional help! For the beginning, you will […]

There are some bridal shower games that have been transmitted from generation to generation and have proved to be successful every time. They help you create a great atmosphere and a funny period of time for you and your friends, mainly for the bride. There is no extra planning involved or over-whelming stress, but you […]

Spring Wedding Ideas

January - 30 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

If you are romantic by nature then you chosen to have a spring wedding since it offers a great variety of opportunities for expressing yourself in a way that other seasons doesn’t allow you to. With a spring wedding you could opt for having an outdoor ceremony where you could use spring flowers that represent […]

Winter Wedding Ideas

January - 30 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Since the winter season is the season of giving and receiving and since no one can take their mind away from Christmas, this will place a great deal of pressure on you if you decide to have a winter wedding. It is all right to implement some seasonal decorations but try not to go all […]

The wedding day is supposed to be a woman’s happiest day. She is also the center of attention, getting to wear the much-desired white gown. Choosing a beautiful outfit for your wedding day should be planned carefully, and there are many aspects to consider. Besides having the outfit you dream of and it doesn’t always […]

We all know flowers can express almost every kind of emotion from joy and happiness during celebrations to sympathy when unfortunate things happen. They can also serve to add some more colour to our lives or to a room we want to design in a special way with artwork and great flower arrangements. The market […]

Are you a dreamer? Not really? But you do like the vintage stile, the smell of the old times when gentlemen and ladies existed well they still do and you can adopt that stile in the day to day life or you could just adopt the vintage wedding stile for your big day. All you […]

What has to be the most comfortable piece of clothing for a bride on her wedding day? Most of you out there would say the wedding dress but that is nothing compared to the importance of the bridal shoes. Just imagine yourself having to walk and dance all day on your wedding day in an […]